Pernille Harder of Wolfsburg

Pernille Harder, a female football player from Wolfsburg and Denmark, has been voted as the best female footballer in the world.

Pernille Harder is taken as the first female footballer on the list of 100 best female footballers in the world. She also extended her thanks to all journalists, managers and peers. Australian Sam Kerr, English Lucy Bronze and the French striker Eugénie Le Sommer are the laureates of the Ballon d’Or. Having defeated all of them, the striker Harder argued that it’s a great honour for her to win the title. To become the best footballer among numerous football players is great. The week is critical for women’s football. After awarding of  the first women’s Ballon d’Or, the Guardian, along with  Offside Rule podcast, published the list jointly.

In the meantime, UEFA has released news about an important partnership with Visa, who is the sponsor of many female tournaments, such as Champions League games. The Denmark footballer Harder said, “It’s great for female footballers to win awards. Those awards are similar to those men have been awarded.” Many people got the name of Ada Hegerberg and more information about female footballers. It is essential for women footballers. It’s also cool for girls who play football. Although individual recognition is important, Harder emphasizes collective success is also important.

Titles are extremely important for team, because one could not create splendid accolades by one person. In other words, one will never won such awards and recognitions like this. To a certain extent, it could reflect sacrifices one have contributed in football matches. As a winner of Ballon d’Or, Hegerberg was asked how far they need to go. Prior to Wolfsburg, Harder has played for Swedish side Linköping. Since her spell with Wolfsburg, she has won two domestic doubles in a row. Her club played the Champions League final against Lyon. The latter lost 4-1 to Wolfsburg.

In the good season for the club, Harder’s side won the double and herself also become the leading scorer in league games. Only five days after demoestic success, a disappointing news came from the League final. It is tough for all teammates. They all are tired for cup final. Although they lost two critical footballers, but one more score was won by their side. They have thought they would be winner of the game, but they lost one footballer in the process.

When she played the first final, she met the Swedish defender Magda Eriksson. At that time, Wolfsburg have met the opposition two times in the semi-finals. It’s strange to play with Swedish side in such conditions, because both side would like to win matches. However, one will not think the problem too much. Feelings before and between football matches are totally different. Ahead of Eriksson’s transferring to London, they have played in Sweden together. Although it is hard to cope with such conditions, they find ways to adapt to it. Certainly, they all wish they could play together one day. The more you know about your partner, the more benefits you will receive.

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